Friday, April 11, 2008

Bear on the road

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On our way

Well we are on the road finally. It was quite an ordeal getting him over to my mothers house so we could change cars. On the way bear decided to jump out the window and wander around an 8 lane intersection. I chased him around for 10 minutes before a bystander gave me his sandwich. I was then able to throw the sandwich in between us, dive and catch him before he got hit by a car or I became another victim of road rage. So we are finally on the road and will be making a 3 hour trek to drop him off with my dad. On the bright side, the incident has made it a little easier to let go.
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Thursday, April 10, 2008

bye bye bear..... seriously!

so time draws short until i leave to take bear to his new home in Huntsville Alabama. sunshine, fresh air and falling stars are all in store for bearskie. i must confess my heart is saddened by his departure and i will always be thinking of him and will most certainly go and visit him. so the trek will take about 3.27 hours by Google's standards, but by my driving "skills" i guesstimate about a 2.6 hr drive. now i have to go and finish packing his puppy stuff.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Bear has recovered.

well it has been scary the past 24 hours but it seems that bear is going to be fine.

DragonForce Solo

i just discovered this band and they kick ass. i cant explain how they play so well. just watch the video and see how fast they thrash.


Ha ha ha
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well there used to be a picture of my friend here but "she" made me take it down... :(

Yay its spring

Finally sunshine and warm air
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fun at work

here is a video we got from one of our customers as he went out the door.

Under the bed

So its day 2 and my dog is still sick. He won't come out from under the bed. I will give it some time. but i don't think he will ever get into a pill bottle again.

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Monday, April 7, 2008


Man I'm tired.
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bye bye bear.

its a sad day and is a hard way to open my first post. my English Shepperd, named Bear, got a hold of a bottle of anti-diarrhea medicine (don't ask me how) and is sick. i called the vet and everything will be fine after he sleeps off his stupor. however, this incident has caused me a great deal of grief because i now have to think about the future of my bearskie. you see i live with my aunt, uncle and there two boys for the time being (i will explain how i got here some other time) and poor old 8 month old bear has become a strain on the family. he will get into anything his little puppie paws can and i just don't have the time to nurture him like i should. so i have decided to give him to my father for a couple of months until i can keep my head above water and get a place for me and the bear. now that doesn't sound so bad but the fact is that this dog has helped me a great deal in the last few months. he was the highlight of my day and a sigh of relief.

till then i'm just going to try and do the next right thing. for me and my bearskie...

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