Monday, April 7, 2008

bye bye bear.

its a sad day and is a hard way to open my first post. my English Shepperd, named Bear, got a hold of a bottle of anti-diarrhea medicine (don't ask me how) and is sick. i called the vet and everything will be fine after he sleeps off his stupor. however, this incident has caused me a great deal of grief because i now have to think about the future of my bearskie. you see i live with my aunt, uncle and there two boys for the time being (i will explain how i got here some other time) and poor old 8 month old bear has become a strain on the family. he will get into anything his little puppie paws can and i just don't have the time to nurture him like i should. so i have decided to give him to my father for a couple of months until i can keep my head above water and get a place for me and the bear. now that doesn't sound so bad but the fact is that this dog has helped me a great deal in the last few months. he was the highlight of my day and a sigh of relief.

till then i'm just going to try and do the next right thing. for me and my bearskie...

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