Saturday, April 18, 2009


I did some research and i found what to do (and what not to do) if you encounter a bear in the wild.

Firs you have to determine if it is a black or a brown (grizzly) bear.
first off black bears can climb trees easily. Also, black bears, if provoked, threatened or startled are more prone to attacking a target and eviscerating it. Unlike brown bears however, black bears can be warded off by intimidation. If you come face to face with a black bear make your self as large and vocal as possible. This includes yelling, throwing your arms over your head or using anything in the environment to make you appear larger (like holding a branch over your head.)

if you are faced with a brown bear it is best to play dead. fetal position with your hands covering the back of your neck or face down , hands locked over the back of you next and your legs spread (to prevent the bear from flipping you over.) Usually this will work. play dead even if the bear moves away, up to twenty minutes.

When faced with any bear, weather it be black or brown, if you have not been spotted try to remain quiet and back away. If you have been spotted back away wile talking so the bear can identify you as human. This will ward off most attacks. If it is a brown bear you can climb up a tree. Dont underestimate a brown bear as they have been known to climb short distance up trees. if it is a brown bear then try to climb at least 30 feet into the canopy. If it is a black bear dont bother climbing as they are avid climbers.

hopefully with this knowledge i will not be another victim of a bear attack.

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